miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014

Le pin for Ahida Aguirre.

Ophelia Horton es una adolescente de 14 años que tiene todo el rollazo del mundo. 
Es blogger y se describe tal cual:
My name is Ophelia Horton. I come from london. Im a full time schoolgirl and internet addict. i take photos of my friends, contribute to several online zines (the pulp zine, cherry mag -coming out soon, and the wandering collective) and surf the web. i like twin peaks, reeses peanut butter cups, chokers and plants. i also like candy, selfies and clueless. i spend most of my time trying not to procrastinate or procrastinating, and the remaining time working on my blog(s)
Shoot by Ahida Agirre. Featured in Ruby Star Magazine.

Pic by Ahida Aguirre

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